Osho Anandbodhi Meditation Centre  - Meditate for Mindfulness and self empowerment
  • Come and join us in short meditation session to increase awareness and mindfulness on every sundays of each month from 3pm to 6pm.

  • We  usually conduct meditation techniques developed by our master OSHO, display vedio discourses ,dance, celibrate life moment to moment and share experiences.

  • Advanced notice and confirmation before attending meditation session is mandatory.

  • There is no compulsary fee  to attend these short session of Meditations. However,donations to run and maintain  the meditation centre are always welcome.

  • We also  organise longer residential meditation retreat  once a year to go deeper into inner self with experienced meditation conductors.There will be fixed price to attend those.

  • In  August 2018 (from 24th,Friday to 27th,Monday),Sw Anand Arun from OSHO Tapoban,Nepal  is going to conduct 4 days meditation camp ( Venue is yet to be confirmed which will be within 1 hour commutable distance from London.

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