Osho Anandbodhi Meditation Centre  - Meditate for Mindfulness and self empowerment

  • Come and join us in short meditation session to increase awareness and mindfulness on every sunday of  12 months from 3pm to 6pm.

  • We  usually conduct meditation techniques developed by our master OSHO, display vedio discourses ,dance, celibrate life moment to moment and share experiences at our residence Dartford,Kent.

  • Advance notice and confirmation before attending meditation session is mandatory.

  • There is no compulsary fee  to attend these short sessions of Meditations. However,donations to run and maintain  the meditation centre are always welcome.

  • We also  organise longer residential meditation retreat  ( usually 3 to 4 days) once a year to go deeper into inner self with experienced meditation conductors.There will be fixed price to attend this retreat.

  • In  August 2019 (From 23rd,Friday to 26th,Monday), Sw Anand Arun from OSHO Tapoban,Nepal  is going to conduct 4 days meditation at De Vere Latimer Estate Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 1UG, London.

We would like to invite you to come and take part in those meditation events organised by Osho Anandbodhi. 

Location of short meditation sessions :
16 Devonshire Avenue    

Time of short sessions : ( from 3 to 6 pm) on every sundays.

Contact: Swami Dhyan Shankar  on  01322914492, 07886018119 or  
Maa Prem Sarita on 07875300076 

Email: shankardhakal@hotmail.com  

Please confirm your booking and seat before attending the meditation session.

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