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2019 Annual Residential retreat:

4 Days meditation from 5pm on 23th August , Friday to 11 am on 26th August, bank holiday Monday 2019 (with Sw Anand Arun from OSHO Tapoban, Nepal. 

Sw Arun from Tapoban , Nepal : 

He has been intimate disciple of OSHO since 1970s  and conducting meditation camps all over the world. He has given OSHO Neo Sanyas to more than 1000,000 osho lovers all around the world.One can smell and feel OSHO presence around him. 

Swjee himself decides programme schedule spontaneously depending upon maturity and surroundings of meditators and the time. 

Main theme of the retreat will be : Celebrating Ecstasy - here and now.

o    Create the context to feel inner flow.
o    Live in present moment to let go of the thoughts and emotions to reach inner ecstasy.
o    Learn to live, love and laugh.

If you want more information about sw Arun, please visit www.tapoban.com

Venue: TBC 

Contribution to attend the retreat:  TBC 

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