Osho Anandbodhi Meditation Centre  - Meditate for Mindfulness and self empowerment

About Us
·       This is an independent non profit organisation without any political, religious, personal and social interest. Main objective is purely to enhance physical/mental health and spiritual awareness of each individual being through ancient Indian yogic and meditation techniques. To create environment of deep love and mutual trust among humanity is ultimate goal of this meditation centre.
          Osho Anandbodhi Meditation Centre has been registered as an Incorporation of a private limited company on 1 of September 2018, by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales under the companies Act 2006. Three     number of  dedicated and professional osho sanyasins  as below have been nominated as  register of members of the company limited by Guarantee.       1)Mr Bhagirath Yogi: BBC Journalist of Nepali service UK. 2)Mr Binesh Kharel: Chartered Certified Accountant ,UK and 3) Mr Shankar Dhakal: Civil Engineer, UK.

  • The meditation centre is run by Swami Dhyan Shankar and Maa Prem Sarita.They are dedicated Osho sanyasins, deep in love and unity with their master Osho. They are  regular meditation practitioners since their childhood. Dhyan Shankar is a professional engineer and  works full time as a construction manager. Maa Prem Sarita is head of accounts in property business and  works part time.Through regular meditation, they are perfectly balancing the professional and family life in peace and harmony.They both are quite passionate to spread Osho message and share their meditation experience to others who are willing.

  • To define OSHO ( who is their main inspiration and Guru/master)  is huge task. However, in short, he is one of the most compassionate enlightened masters of our age who has spoken for quality life in the earth and condemned all fundamentalists and repressive approach of every religions. He has taught religiousness and given its new definition to the world. He has 700 books in his name and has inspired millions of people around the world for transformed humanity and brought human consciousness to a higher level after Gautama the Buddha.

·       Osho Anandbodhi centre has been tremendously influenced and motivated from heart and soul by Osho's  teachings and limitless treasures of knowledge in multidimensional aspects of life. There is no subject which OSHO has left unspoken: environment, politics, population growth, spiritual values,education, woman liberation,Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Zen, Tao, from sex to super consciousness, and sociology to psychology etc.
·       Main aim is to live a meditative life full of joy and creativity as per the vision of OSHO. The Homo Novus “Jorba the Buddha” who tremendously enjoys the material  life without renouncing an active social life.
·       Osho Tapoban - an international commune and forest retreat centre which is situated on the ancient Buddhafield of Nagarjuna near Kathmandu, Nepal and its co-ordinator Sw Anand Arun has been source of inspiration for this work. He is one of the very earliest and intimate disciples of OSHO and has been spreading OSHO’s message all over the world from more than 40 years.He visits at least once a year in london and conducts residential meditation among many meditators. 

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