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It was Osho's wish that all of his literature should reach to as many people as possible around the globe at affordable price. Osho Tapoban has started to materialise this vision by publishing Osho's remarkable books and making them easily available at affordable price.

We have a number of Osho's books available for sale below cost price (£1, £3 and £5). 

1)Tantra ,The Supreme understanding
2)Meditation, The art of Ecstacy
3)The Silent explosion
4)My Way, The way of the white clouds
5) I am the gate
6)Unknown life of Osho and Jesus
7)How meditation really works
8)The New man
9)Flight of alone to alone
10) The New man
11)Jin Khoja Tin Paiya (Hindi)
12)Shiva Sutra ( Hindi)
13) Love makes you real
14)Mystery behind the mala and sanyas
15) Who is OSHO
16)A new vision of Women's Liberation
17) In Wonder with Osho by Sw Anand Arun

 Many more to come.

If you would like to purchase an Osho's book please contact us. Some of audio CDs  are also available.

We should consider ourselves as  most  fortunate because for the first time in the history of mankind the spoken words of an Enlightened Master have been recorded, filmed and published in  books as well as audio and vedio format. They are available therefore without interpretation or manipulation.
Osho never wrote a book. However his words, spoken over a thirty-five year period, have been transcribed into over six hundred books. His talks were extemporaneous and without advance preparation. He commented on the world's religious writings and answered questions asked by hundreds of thousands of people. He covered a multitude of topics: from sex to super-consciousness, including social, educational, political and ideological issues, esoterism, philosophy, psychology, science, ecology and above all meditation.He has spoken about almost all  remarkable people (including many enlightened masters) the world has ever known.To name few, Jesus, Buddha, J Krishnamurti,Mahabir, Mohammad, Laostu, Karl Marx, Lenin, Hitlar, Nepolean,Sigmond Friad, Jung etc etc.
It can be said that Osho is by far the most prolific and creative author ever to have walked on this planet earth. 






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